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Looking for a new Dentist in Scarborough, Toronto?

Nestled in the vibrant community of Scarborough, Toronto, ON. Since 1987, we’ve dedicated ourselves to making smiles wider and brighter. Ellesmere Village Dental Centre is your trusted provider for complete dental care. Under the experienced guidance of Dr. A. Kaykin since 1987, our clinic offers a full spectrum of dental services, from routine check-ups and digital x-rays to sophisticated cosmetic treatments and implant services.

Our team, led by Dr. Alex Kaykin, is committed to preserving and enhancing your oral health. Boasting dental hygienists who have been part of our family for over 20 years, we ensure continuity and excellence in patient care.

Dr. Garth Thoms provides comprehensive dental care in a safe, friendly environment, employing a dental microscope for precise and clear treatments. Recognizing that dental visits can be anxiety-inducing, we have created a soothing clinic atmosphere and an efficient scheduling system to ensure a smooth and relaxed experience for our patients.

At Ellesmere Village Dental, we understand that dental health is not just about white smiles—it’s about having strong, healthy teeth and gums. It’s about prolonging the simple joy of eating delicious foods! By integrating the latest dental technologies with traditional techniques, we are committed to delivering the best possible care to our patients.

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Ellesmere Village Dental - Scarborough

A Smile You Adore and Cherish

Having a pain-free mouth is essential, but possessing a smile that fills you with pride and confidence is truly transformative. Our team of skilled dentists is dedicated to helping you reach the level of comfort and self-assurance you seek. We invite you to join us for a chat; we’re here to listen to your needs and desires. Your happiness and love for your smile are our greatest rewards.

Ellesmere Village Dental - Scarborough

At Ellesmere Village Dental, Supporting You Every Step of the Way

From the moment you begin your dental journey with us, our devoted team is here to offer outstanding care and assistance. We understand the importance of your oral health needs and are committed to meeting them with flexible scheduling that fits your life. Enjoy a tailored dental experience with a team that truly values your well-being.

Ellesmere Village Dental - Scarborough

Advanced Technology

Ellesmere Village Dental has dedicated over thirty years to incorporating the finest dental technologies available. Our mission is to provide exceptional care to our patients by blending advanced digital scanning and cutting-edge dental technology. Coupled with the latest advancements in pain management, and sedation, we ensure highly precise treatments and a swift recovery process.

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    Ellesmere Village Dental - Scarborough

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